Swimmers Guide FAQ


Introduction to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We get asked a lot of questions about the Swimmers Guide website, how we created it, how we maintain it, and why we don't include some information that you might expect or don't include things you expected that aren't there. We hope this FAQ will satisfy your curiosity and give you a better idea what the site is all about. The FAQ is broken into three thematically arranged pages. The sections and a brief description of the questions covered are:

How to use this site: While we have made every effort to make the Swimmers Guide site and search tool as intuitive as possible, some users may find some of its features to be difficult to understand. This section includes instructions on how to use the site, including some tips and tricks to optimize your use and take advantage of all the site's features.
General questions: This page covers our site's listing criteria, reasons for having listing criteria, who decides what gets listed, where the information comes from and cost for a facility, swim club, or team to be listed on the site.